Dallas/Ft. Worth Curling Club

2022-2023 Social Membership


D/FW Curling Club Social Membership (2022-2023)

Please fill out this form to complete your registration as a social member of the DFW Curling Club. This membership is a way to join the club while not registering for a league (if you are registering for a league, that registration takes care of the membership for you).  If you sign up as a club member through this form, you will not be entered into any league; however, you will be eligible to fill sub requests for leagues.



Dues are required to complete your membership. Dues are owed to two separate entities. First, there are club dues, ($25 for adults, $15 for 21-and-under juniors), which are for the club itself and paid through this registration. Secondly, separate USA Curling dues are also required, payed directly to USA Curling. For social members, USA Curling dues are $9, regardless of age, or $31 if you want to receive the Curling News publications. USA Curling dues are paid by creating an account on the USA Curling Sport80 website (https://usacurling.sport80.com/). Go to this site and create your USA Curling account, if you do not already have one (otherwise, just log in to your existing USA Curling account). From there, you can pay your USA Curling dues directly and even setup auto-renewal. Please be sure to associate your account with the DFW Curling Club, so that we can verify payment of your USA Curling dues. 


Please direct questions to:

Bill Bush

Membership Director